October 2, 2018

Bristol Hub: WINS Network

Money Money Money, Not So Funny, For A Sustainable World

Women in Sustainability are delighted to back at Smith & Williamson for our next event on 2nd October.

We’ll be exploring the common blocks and challenges many of us face around money.

Whether you run your own business or are on a salaried career path, how can we know our value and charge our worth?

 Is is possible to balance financial wealth with living a values led life? 

Joining us with be Georgia Stewart, entrepreneur of a new mobile app changing the way we save and invest ethically.

As usual, expect a fantastic group of professional women from across the sustainability sectors, taking time out of the normal ‘to do’ to enjoy some personal & professionally development.

Yes, you’ll make some new connections, deepen existing relationships, nurturing your local network. You’ll also come away refreshed, inspired and energised.

Early Bird Tickets now on sale!

Event Sponsors

  • Choose2Flourish/ Rhian Sherrington
  • Smith & Williamson LLP