September 20, 2018

Newcastle Hub: WINS Network

The Future of Leadership for Sustainability

The Future of Leadership for Sustainability Part 1: What does it look like for women?

Leadership is changing.

In both theory and practice, we are witnessing a seismic shift in what effective leadership looks like fuelled by the pace of change and the complexity of the challenges faced by organisations from Fortune 100 companies to SMEs and across sectors.

What does this shift mean for women in sustainability? 

What are the emerging trends and how do we respond to them as leaders seeking to bring about change in our field? 

Join us for a stimulating discussion with leadership experts and thought leaders.

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This event is for you if..

.. you’re working in CSR, energy, conservation, retail, transport or in environmental/ resource management.

.. your role involves creating or delivering sustainability policies, reducing your environmental impact, carbon reporting or creating better places to live and work in.

.. you’re a champion for doing business that ‘does good’, that is responsible, ethical or is creating positive change for a greener, healthier and happier society.

.. you’re learning how to embed the 3 pillars of sustainability – social, economic, environmental.’re leading changes inside your organisation to be or do any of the above

……..Then our network is for you!


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