November 20, 2019

WINS Edinburgh

Inspiring everyone to think and act "Sustainability"

Join us for another insightful event, take part in the discussion and get inspired.

What an inspiring launch event for WINS Edinburgh in September – everyone rated it Excellent or Very good and that they would recommend it to colleagues and friends.

For our second event, we’re talking about inspiring people and organisations of all kinds to shift their perspective to see the value in sustainability and explore how we can change “the way we do things round here” to ways that are more positive for the environment, social impacts and well being. How can you inspire organisations to adopt a mindset for creating prosperity that is good for people and the planet as well as finances, rather than a focus on profits?

The format for the evening is a panel discussion followed by group discussions where you can explore ways you could do things in your own organisation, or inspire some changes based on the ideas in the panel discussion and from each other.

Expect a similar atmosphere to our launch event, with great energy and interesting and lively conversations with a wide cross section of women from different sectors who have similar passions about sustainability. Expect more of the same approach where we dig deep into ideas and topics that matter to us and get you connecting and working together. This will be a highly engaging session that you simply can’t afford to miss!


Elaine Brown, Chief Operating Officer.

Bright Green Business helps improve sustainable practices in businesses across Scotland.

Teja Hudson, Founder.

Love Zero Scotland Ltd helps organisations embrace waste prevention and make lasting change towards a waste-free workplace.

Sara Roberts, Founder.

Healthy Nibbles is committed to enhancing health through nutritional well being within business and community. Sara is passionate about transforming food purchase and consumption decisions.

More details about the panelists coming soon! Meanwhile, reserve your space and book time in your diary!

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