January 30, 2020

WINS Edinburgh

Welcome to the New Year!

Climate has been in the news a lot recently, especially as COP25 just finished and COP26 is hosted in Glasgow in Nov 2020, while extreme weather events dominate the headlines more and more frequently. There is a global climate emergency. The science is clear.
It’s not too late for us to turn things around, but to do so requires transformative change. What does that change look like? What are the actions we can take as individuals and in our organisations of all sizes and sectors to play our part to become a net-zero society? How do we increase our capacity to adapt to climate change and what are the risks if we don’t adapt?

Join us for another insightful event, take part in the discussion and get inspired.
The format for the evening is a panel discussion followed by group discussions where you can explore ways you could do things in your own organisation.

Panelists : More details coming soon – expect about 3 or 4 people representing different sectors and scale of organisation.
Naomi Walker Naomi WalkerHead of Property Design, Lloyds Banking Group. Naomi leads the team responsible for Lloyds Banking Group’s operational carbon emissions, alongside energy consumption, waste and travel. She is responsible for creating sustainable, colleague focussed and cost effective workspaces across the estate of Lloyds Banking Group.

This will be a highly engaging session that you simply can’t afford to miss! Buy your ticket now.

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