November 24, 2020

WINS Herts Online Event

Planet Fashion - how can we dress fashionably, sustainably and affordably?

£140 million worth of clothing goes into landfills each year. Let’s scrap fast fashion and build a future of sustainable fashion.

Anyone can dress sustainably and still look amazing.

We often think we have to dress like tramps with holes in our clothes to be sustainable, or we think sustainable fashion is expensive, but this event will show you this is not the case!

This event hosted by the Women in Sustainability Herts Hub will cover:

The impact of fast fashion on the environment
What choices we have to curb our impact while still look fashionable
How we can change the way we think our wardrobe
How we can shop in a different way (or not at all!)
Join us for a great event including talks from two amazing experts, tons of inspiration and quality networking with other women in sustainability.

Our events are all aimed at providing you with a roadmap to a more sustainable future and this will be no exception!

Discover our fabulous panellists and find out more through clicking on the link below.

This event will run in the evening