May 6, 2020

WINS Newcastle: Online Event

Staying Connected in Turbulent Times

We are living in unprecedented times.

We are only just beginning to make sense of what it means for how we live, work and care for one another. The extended lockdown means our work and social interactions will continue to remain online for the time being. The impacts of social isolation on mental well-being, social cohesion and the economy are difficult to fathom. Now more than ever, it is important to stay connected through our shared values and a common purpose.

Join us and our two fantastic speakers, Rachel Woolliscroft, a founder partner of BayNel Advisory and Board Director of the Institute of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (ICRS) and Rob Baker, founding Director of Tailored Thinking his consultancy which aims to ‘Make Work Better’ and author of ‘Personalization at Work’.

Expect the usual welcoming and meaningful conversations as we engage with each other in our breakout rooms, ensuring whilst we might be physical distancing, we are by no means socially distancing!