December 9, 2020

WINS Newcastle: Online Event

The Role of Sustainability in Economic Recovery

From a global health crisis to an economic and environmental crisis. How can economic recovery be both sustainable and inclusive?

The full extent of Covid-19 is still unfolding but the UK has already witnessed how pre-existing inequalities have been exacerbated. The Women’s Enterprise Policy Group’s research indicates that women face a catastrophic future with a tsunami of job losses and business closures, unless the Government develops enterprise policy that serves women.

How can economic recovery initiatives be both sustainable and inclusive?

The current situation or crisis challenges the Government to ‘build back better’ but what role can sustainability play in ensuring this is an opportunity for all, and to combine economic recovery in a responsible and sustainable manner?

Joining us for this in-depth and thought provoking session will be  Helen Golightly, Chief Executive of the North East Local Enterprise Partnership (NE LEP),  Claire Thompson from the North East England Nature Partnership (NEENP) and Capability North East and Tamma Carel, Environmental Consultant and founder of Imvelo Ltd.

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