December 3, 2020

WINS Oxford: Online Event

Confidence - change ourselves or change the system?

Would women have more influence in Sustainability if we were just more confident or do we need to change the system?

Is it enough to tell women they have to ‘Lean In’ and be confident, as Facebook Executive Sheryl Sandberg asserts through her worldwide ‘Lean In’ movement?

The Sustainability sector has a good proportion of women, but are we being heard?

Are we at all levels in the company? Are we able to influence and lead?

If not, it is not only we who will miss out, but, more importantly, our current and future environment.

What will you get from attending?

You’ll come away with inspiration, energy, new insights about your own situation as well as strategies and tactics for designing your own change.

You will have the opportunity to meet and network with other like-minded women working in sustainability.

We’re thrilled to have Georgina Wilson, CEO at Business Under Development Ltd (BUD) to share her thoughts, expertise and enthusiasm alongside Thalia Carr, our WINS Oxford Lead, an experienced coach and facilitator who works one to one helping women and men in the Sustainability Sector to discover their confident selves.

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