November 25, 2020

WINS Stoke On Trent & Staffs Online Event

Gender Balance in Public Speaking: Achievable?

Is it possible to achieve Gender Balance in Public Speaking panels?

Or are we destined to see The Manel (a panel made up of men) forever?

Manels are often seen at conferences, events, seminars, webinars and many virtual events. Even in 2020, Manels are still regularly visible! So, how can we get more women on panels to achieve gender balanced representation?

Getting more women on panels is a hot topic across the resources and waste management sector and so this event partners with the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM) to amplify the discussion. Women from all areas of sustainability are welcome to attend this virtual event to explore the challenges, opportunities and solutions to a topic that affects many sustainability sectors.

We’ll be joined by various Women in Sustainability to lead the discussion. There will be a mix of short presentations and discussion groups to dig into the topic and identify actions to move forward.

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