5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Attend A WINS Online Event This Year

Reason One:

Don’t attend any of our Women in Sustainability Events this year if you have no interest in building a community of like-minded women who are focusing their work, their careers on being a force for good, around you. The genuine friendliness of the camaraderie created, the open conversations and real fun experienced by all – gosh, you’d just hate it.

Reason Two:

Avoid all WINS Hub events with their careful use of Zoom breakout rooms that encourage everyone to properly ‘meet’ others on the call if the idea of being really listened to or being asked thoughtful questions to help further your thinking brings you out in a cold sweat.

Reason Three:

Given the fact that most of our Online Hub Events will have one or more highly experienced expert share her insights and knowledge on the topic in question, if you have no interest in deepening or widening your professional knowledge base then absolutely – stay away.

Reason Four:

The Women in Sustainability community appeals to those at all stages of their careers in organisations and business, as well as sole traders, independent consultants, female founders and entrepreneurs. This results in an incredible exchange of information, new collaborations, new insights and ideas – even new clients and new jobs. If that leaves you feeling nauseous, switch off and watch Netflicks instead.

Reason Five:

And finally, definitely don’t sign up for our Women in Sustainability newsletter from our website if you do want to miss out knowing about all the WINS online events happening this year that our WINS Hub Leads around the UK, in Frankfurt and in New York City will be creating, or if you really don’t want to know when we’re going to re-open our fantastic Members Hub later on in 2021.


Yup, Five excellent reasons why you really shouldn’t attend anything created by the Women in Sustainability network as we help female change makers access their vital community to nurture their purpose, grow their network and amplify their voice and impact.

Of course, if none of these reasons apply to you, we’d love you to come along!