7 Ways to Take Part in Fashion Revolution Week

Every year, in memory of the Rana Plaza garment factory collapse in 2013 where 1138 people lost their lives, Fashion Revolution holds a week-long campaign to call on brands to be transparent about their supply chains and the people behind their clothing. This year Fashion Revolution Week (19th – 25th April) is focussing on rights, relationships and revolution.

Whilst we are now moving out of lockdown, engaging virtually is still a very powerful way to take part this year again. Virtual campaigning allows us to join forces with likeminded people all over the world and make a powerful impact with our combined voices.

We’ve pulled together some ideas for how you can get involved with Fashion Revolution Week this year from home, one for each day of the week!


Join an online event

Fashion Revolution are hosting several virtual events with different hosts all over the world. There are plenty of panel discussions, workshops and webinars throughout the week for you to choose from, and don’t miss the Question Time TODAY at 1pm (BST)!


Use your windows

You can download a Fashion Revolution poster, print it out, and stick it in your window to show support and inspire passers-by. Don’t forget to share your posters on social media and tag @fash_rev to spread the word even further.


Demand transparency from fashion brands

Post a selfie on your social media and tag a fashion brand, asking them #WhoMadeMyClothes or #WhatsInMyClothes. Fashion Revolution campaigners often turn their top inside out, showing the clothing label and brand name, and hold up a Who Made My Clothes sign. If social media isn’t your thing, you can always email the brand and ask them questions about their supply chain, and what measures they have in place to guarantee the safety of the garment workers in the factories they are partnered with, as well as monitoring fair wages and worker’s rights.


Send a postcard to a policy maker

If you have a printer, Fashion Revolution have a printable postcard you can fill out and send to your local policy maker. It has a pre-typed message written by Fashion Revolution, but you can write your own personal message instead, telling your public representative that the fashion industry should empower the people in its supply chain and use resources responsibly. This is a great way to let your local councilperson or MP know that this is an issue important to their constituents and encourage them to take action on it.


Get together (digitally)

Have a House Party/Zoom/Skype/WhatsApp group video call with your friends or fellow activists and pick a topic of discussion. You could share it on your social media so other people can hear what you talked about. You can even host an Instagram live session with up to four people and your followers can add comments and ask questions in the live chat section.


Share your fashion love story

Tell people on social media about a piece of clothing that you absolutely love and couldn’t be without. Telling people about its story and why it’s so special to you may inspire other people to rediscover their wardrobe and find old pieces that they’ve forgotten about. Hopefully proving to them that they don’t actually need any new clothes! Use the hashtag #LovedClothesLast to join in the online tributes to our favourite clothes.


Watch these documentaries

River Blue
The True Cost
Alex James: Slowing Down Fast Fashion
China Blue
The Next Black

Documentaries are a fantastic way to absorb a lot of facts in a digestible way, and the information will stay with you. It can also be an experience you can share with other people, having Facebook ‘watch party’ so you can watch it together with friends at the same time. Share what you’ve learned with your friends and family and encourage discussions around sustainability and ethics in fashion.