Career Review Part Four: Taking Action

As we come to the fourth and final step of this Career Review process, you should now have clarity on;

  • how satisfied you are with all aspects of your working life right now;
  • why you must experience a values match in your work; and
  • what’s really important for you – the ‘priority areas’ for your career and how much they are being met.

(If you’re not clear on all or parts of that, do go back and revisit Part One, Part Two and Part Three before you go any further here!).

All of this valuable reflection is likely to have created a sense of purpose around what it is you now see you have to change or develop further.

For you to truly flourish as a change maker, fully utilising your talents to make a difference to the world, you now need to identify specific goals that you are inspired to focus your time, energy and efforts on.

Realize what you really want. It stops you from chasing butterflies and puts you to work digging gold. William Moulton Marsden


Some people love setting themselves goals, and are brilliant at judging what is both sufficiently inspiring as well as being a big enough stretch for them to feel suitable chuffed and happy with themselves when they succeed.

Others, well they don’t do so well.

This can happen for a whole number of reasons ranging from they don’t know how to set effective goals for themselves (perhaps because they were never taught, or read the right books). Alternatively it could be because they are fearful about having goals to work for (and there are all sorts of fear that can come into play here from fear of failure to fear of success!). We can also hold some unhelpful, ‘limiting’ beliefs around goal setting, such as ‘it’s not for people like me’ or it’s not ‘right’ somehow.

Sometimes even the word ‘goal’ can act as a trigger for people, stopping them right in their tracks. (If that’s the case for you, simply swop ‘goal’ for ‘intention’ ands see how you get on).

The final free resource of this Autumn Career Review sequence – WINS_Career Review_Part 4_V1 – helps you identify the exact goals you want to focus on right now, supports you to write these down in the best way for you to actually want to achieve them, and encourages you to plan out the actions you’ll take to progress those goals.


So, what are you waiting for?

With just three months left of 2021, isn’t it time you choose to flourish in a career that’s maximising the difference you want to make?


If you get stuck or have any questions, do get in touch here and I’ll do my best to support you.


Rhian Sherrington, FRSA, MSC, ACC,

Founder of Women in Sustainability Network and Successful Career Transitions Coach