Career Review Part Three: Identifying What’s Truly Important

So far in this Autumn Career Review, we’ve explored how satisfied you currently are in your career in Part One. Then we examined your values and how much you are experiencing them in your work in Part Two.

The next step in this review process is to bring this knowledge together to identify what is truly important for you to have and experience in your working life in order to feel inspired and fulfilled.

All too often we fall into roles without too much thought because it was ‘just there’ or it felt okay at the time. Even change makers looking to make a difference to the world can fall prey to doing something because someone thought it might be a good fit for them, or because they felt it was something they ‘should do’.

Which is why stopping to reflect on what you really think and feel is so important.

Getting clarity on what is truly important to YOU (and not anyone else) is fundamental to enjoying a fulfilling and flourishing work life.

The free resource I’ve created for you in Part Three of this Autumn Career Review (download WINS_Career Review_Part 3_V1 here) initially invites you to draw together the insights gained from doing parts one and two. (If you’ve not yet done those steps yet, do go back and complete them).

Then you are guided to identify what’s truly important for you to have in your career, and then to score your current  experience of those priority areas. Finally, you’re invited to reflect on what the resulting information now means for you.


If you get stuck or have any questions, do get in touch here and I’ll do my best to support you.



Rhian Sherrington, FRSA, MSC, ACC,

Founder of Women in Sustainability Network and Successful Career Transitions Coach