Fourteen Tips to Thrive in Your Green Career

Q. What happens when you bring four insightful and inspiring women together to share their stories about their careers to date in creating positive change for a better world?

A. An evening packed with wisdom, laughter and positive, infectious energy.

The launch of a London Hub for the Women in Sustainability Network, held at Smith & Williamson’s Moorgate offices, sold out within a few weeks. Those lucky enough to grab a ticket were treated to a vibrant evening of real conversation and meaningful networking and relationship building.

For those of you unable to attend, here’s a snapshot of the of wisdom shared by our speakers.


Allison Ogden-Newton, CEO, Keep Britain Tidy

1.     Recognise that even if you don’t see it know, at some point gender will be an issue for you. So prepare – build a strong supportive network around you. You won’t have all the answers but when you have that network, having all the answers yourself won’t be necessary.

2.     Recognise you are marvellous. If you’re not inside the box in the first place,  thinking ‘outside of the box ‘ comes naturally.

3.     Be discerning. Pick your battles and don’t be afraid to keep asking ‘Why?’ We women see things differently – question the flat earth thinking.

4.     Take risks!

5.     Be real, be yourself. Hold the faith that you bring so much to the table.


Joanna Gilroy, Head of Sustainability, Bunzl Hospitality & Catering Division

6.     Practice your mirror talk. Ahead of that challenging meeting, big yourself up in front of your mirror. You need to tell yourself ‘You can, you can, you can!’

7.     Be cleverer.  Be smarter. Think things through – how can you get your idea picked up?

8.     Be brave – 20 seconds of bravery can be all that it takes.

9.     Appreciate other people, make time to ask questions and actively listen. Cultivate your champions and supporters.


Julie Craig, Carbon Smart

10. Take time to reflect and be introspective. Seek out opportunities and the space to process your thoughts and ideas.

11. Do something beyond your pay grade.  Look for opportunities that build your experience, competence and your reputation.

12. Understand what you need to let go to enable you to successfully transition through your career.


Traci Lewis, Catalyse Change

13. Get some coaching.  When you’re encouraged to take on new perspectives, explore alternatives and discover hidden aspects of yourself, your options really do expand.

14. Prioritise your networking. Build relationships, grow meaningful connections – the power, the impact of it all cannot be underestimated.

Allison Ogden-Newton, Jo Gilroy, Traci Lewis, Julie Craig


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