Launching the WINS Online Hub

The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has left many of us feeling isolated and perhaps a bit lost.

It’s easy to start questioning the difference you are now making and to feel uncertain how to be talking about climate change, let alone taking action to tackle it! With so much uncertainty, sometimes the enormity of the challenges and the urgency of the change that’s needed can wear down even the most motivated and positive of us.

But that isn’t going to stop us – nor we hope, will it stop you!

We recently asked you what are the challenges facing our Women in Sustainability community right now and how could we help. What came back was a clear ask around keeping you connected with others and helping you find focus and motivation amongst the competing priorities and juggling going on. We clocked the frustration some of you are experiencing in feeling your work has stalled, as well as the sense of loss and grief as we collectively attempt to make sense of our new realities.

It’s a been a challenge to us as well, working out how to turn our in-person events, based around local city Hubs, into a coherent online programme for you. Thanks to our wonderful WINS Hub Leads, we do now have a fantastic Online Event programme falling into place – but that didn’t feel enough.

So we’ve rushed through finalising an initiative that we’ve developing for a while now – our very own learning community, the WINS Online Hub!


Our new membership community will support you to be what is so desperately needed in the world right now – a powerful, rebalancing, feminine force doing good. 

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