Love Your Purpose – A Personal Manifesto

We See You

We see the woman who cares deeply about our planet, its people and places.

We know how passionate you are about making a difference.

We see the challenges you face as well as the difficulties you’ve overcome.

We understand how things can sometimes feel overwhelming, when self-doubt creeps in.


We know how you can find yourself out of inspiration, running low on motivation.

We know the impact this pandemic is having on all of us, our anxieties for our children, our families, our working lives.

We worry too about the work we do – is it all too little, too late?


So we’ve created ‘A Personal Manifesto’ to remind you of how wonderful you truly are.

That you belong here, in this community of change makers. We’ve got each others backs, for as long as it takes.

Download it, set as a screen saver or on your phone.

Print it out and pin it near your desk.

Read it often and know,


Together, we are a force for good!


Access Your ‘Personal Manifesto’ Here. 


Rhian Sherrington  FRSA, MSc, Founder, Women in Sustainability Network