Voicing Our Future: Help Bring A Diverse Youth Voice to COP26

We’d love our WINS network to support Voicing our Future – a youth-led project to diversify the youth voice and leadership within climate decision making locally, nationally and globally.

This inspiring project began at the Manchester WINS event earlier this year when Emma Greenwood, climate activist and Youth MP for Bury, spoke about her experiences as a young person seeking systemic climate action. Emma teamed up with Leah Holmes, Becky Parker and Livity – a youth creative agency – and developed strategic partnerships with the Wellcome Trust, Natural History Museum, British Academy and the Cabinet Office, to develop the project.

Emma Greenwood, Youth MP, Bury
Emma Greenwood, Youth MP for Bury

This is a brilliant opportunity for organisations, especially youth-facing, tech or media brands to activate their CSR and/or Diversity and Inclusion strategies through a high-profile and impactful project, and gain data and insight on climate and sustainability from diverse young people across the UK.

COP26 provides a huge opportunity to voice the urgent demands of young people to a global audience. Voicing our Future will ensure that those demands build on the latest scientific and social research, represent the diversity of young people within the UK, with an awareness of the existing barriers to climate action, and respond in a way that’s representative of  our youth voice and our vision of the future.

Voicing our Future will develop 24 diverse young leaders across the UK – 12 youth influencers who are currently disengaged with the climate and ecological crisis, working with 12 members of youth parliament to crowd source demands from 10,000 young people across the UK. The project will develop a youth manifesto for COP26, presented in traditional format but also through 3 creative responses from commissioned youth artists, for a global youth audience. We see huge potential in generating greater understanding and insights of young people, and in supporting a cohort of diverse future climate leaders.

We’re looking to generate awareness and support for this project through the WINS network and beyond. Please do get in touch to find out more, explore opportunities to partner, collaborate or support the project.  You can find out more here, and please do get in touch at hello@livity.co.uk