Will belonging to the WINS Digital Community work for you?

Intrigued about our Digital Community and wondering if it’s for you?

Weighing up how much you’ll get from being a member?

Trying to justify the cost?

Read on!


With only a few days left to before we close our doors to new members, I thought I’d answer the top concerns our current members had BEFORE they joined us.


Concern 1: Will I find the time to attend the live sessions with the guest experts, to join the peer mentoring calls or use any of the training materials in the masterclasses? 


All of our live sessions with our guest experts are recorded so you can watch at a time that best suits you.

If you can join us live, they are held over lunchtime, London time, so you can always switch your camera off whilst you munch your lunch- no one minds! The same goes with our Peer Mentoring Calls.  Join us on audio and switch on you camera as and when you are ready.

And when it comes to dipping into the back catalogue of on-demand resources you can access when you join, I recommend you just pick one masterclass you’re most interested in and then block out either one hour or 2 lots of 30 minutes in your diary or online calendar to work through that training. Getting into a routine of setting aside an hour every fortnight to do this, you will quickly see the benefits and that will inspire you to continue. Our guest experts break down their training into bite-size chunks as well, so you can always dip into the masterclasses as and when you do find the time for some CPD!


Concern 2: I’m not sure I can afford it.


For less that 2 take out coffees a week (remember when you got those!) you’ll have access to an incredibly supportive group of like-minded women who share your concerns, who listen and support you in a way that gives you space to think and reflect. You’ll have access to this sounding board you offer their expertise and advice in a very friendly and non-judgmental way.

With our unique mix of both career professionals and business owners, at all stages of their careers or businesses, you’ll be enriching your network and building meaningful connections in a way that will only serve and support you personally, as well as your career or business. We’ve already seen new collaborations, new clients, new jobs from with our members – let alone all the shared learning, personal and professional development that is going on.

So when it comes to cost,  just reflect on how beneficial having such a relevant and supportive network could be to you and then judge whether that’s worth the price of a couple of takeout coffees..

(And I’ll also say, given that 80% of in-house training and learning comes from the informal connections and relationships you build with your colleagues, belonging to the WINS Digital Community offers you considerable professional development (as well as networking) opportunities that your employer should be only too happy to cover.  You could also make a good argument around how joining the peer mentoring calls, the live sessions and so on, is really helpful to remaining connected and engaged, supporting your mental and emotional well being – something we all need to be paying attention to in times of continued uncertainty and change).


Concern 3: Who’s in there already? How do I know I’ll benefit from connecting with other members here?


I appreciate it can be a little unnerving signing up to join a community when you don’t know who else is in there!

Which is why we are offering a 30 day FREE TRIAL of the membership so you have time to see for yourself and get a feel for how we do things. So long as you cancel within your 30 days, no payment will be taken (note our normal 30 day cancelation policy runs concurrently with the 30 day free trial, so if you decide we’re not for you, do cancel before your 30 days are up. Full terms and conditions have to be read at checkout).

What I will say is that if you’re looking for a place to just moan and not look for solutions,  or aren’t willing to support other like-minded women on their challenges and concerns, then this is not for you!

If you’re looking for instant returns, where you just pitch for business or expect to just show up in ‘sales’ mode, this is not for you.

But if you’re serious about wanting to nurture meaningful connections and relationships with other female career professionals and business owners, based on mutual respect and reciprocity, if you’re keen to develop your skills, competence and confidence so you can amplify your effectiveness and impact alongside others looking to do the same, then this is for you!


Concern 4: What about confidentiality? The sustainability world can feel pretty small at times…


Creating a psychologically safe place for us all to learn, share and listen to one another comes from knowing you are in a place of confidentially and trust. We all benefit from signing up to our simple ground rules of respect and confidentially.  And so far, it has all worked beautifully.  I don’t see any changes happening there.


I hope I’ve managed to cover your questions and concerns about joining the WINS Digital Community. If there’s something I’ve not covered, do email me here and ask away.


You can find out more about our membership, read lots of testimonials and understand more how belonging to this fantastic group will benefit you by clicking here.