Surviving Lockdown: Our Best Tips


As we buckle down to living and working through more months of lockdown, how are you doing?

If you are grieving the loss of loved ones or facing a slow recuperation from having the virus, may you feel so much love and support around you, and the strength and well wishes for a full recovery.

This is a hard time.

Whether you’re trying to juggle (yet again!) your work with the children home schooling and all the interruptions to your day that entails. Or if you’re trying to keep finding solutions to care for your family and loved ones who live far away, or trying to work out how you can keep your business afloat or a long distance relationship going, all of this is asking you to dig deep into your reserves of tolerance and resilience like never before.

But you know what – you can do this.

It might be messy and chaotic, far from how you want to be living your life, being the parent you want to be or delivering the work you want, but you will make it through – and we’ll be able to work out what to do with what we’ve got then.

I recently asked the Women in Sustainability community what they are finding helpful at this time – and had so many wonderful tips and strategies back in reply…..

I try to go for a run first thing in the morning.  If it’s really wet and cold, I swap to 30 mins power yoga.  Really sorts out my mood for the day. Try to stay positive and look for the opportunity/upside in every challenge.  And if that doesn’t work (sometimes it doesn’t), either: Fake it, or do something else. Like…make a cake, watch a TED talk, go for a walk. If you’re trying to home-school and the kid/s don’t have something urgent or time-sensitive, do something like this with them so you don’t get too niggly with each other. Kate Levine

I’ve found it helpful to give myself time to deal with the waves of darkness that come over me sometimes (usually after reading Covid stats etc!). I  go out for a short burst, or watch a positive TED talk, and then come back determined to do something about it. Just sitting there staring at the screen is pointless. Jenny Foster, Global Goals Centre, Bristol

The thing that I started before lockdown and will make sure I continue during, is just having that morning routine of meditation, warm drink and a bit of journaling. That peace at the beginning of the day has helped me no end.  Heather Keats

I have been leaving YouTube on with a video with bird song and sometimes  sound of water. It really helps to have a more positive day and I quite feel refreshed at the end of the day. Sara Kopp

I just wanted to let you know that I have taken up running in my lunch hour! If you knew me well, you may find this slightly hilarious, but I am finding it a total mood elevator. Not only do you increase your fresh air, nature intake and improve your circulation you also do your exercise and have gentle social interaction. The paths of Edinburgh can be treacherous with the ice, but I am taking it carefully and each day improve the distance I can run. I would totally recommend it to even the most staunch non-exerciser!! Kate Cottam


I’m finding it good to slow down and just focus in one thing at a time and not feel I’ve got to be superwoman right now. 😊.. Also candles, music and lots of walks. Traci Lewis, WINS Bristol Hub Lead