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14th January 2021 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm GMT

Hello 2020! – WINS Network

Creating Your Values-Based Intentions for 2021

How to welcome in a brand new year when so much remains challenging, uncertain – and beyond our control?

Do we simply ignore any attempt to set goals or intentions this year, placing ourselves at the mercy of the big shifts and transitions in action?

Or can we find a way to steer our way in spite of the waves of change we find ourselves facing ?


Simple goal setting certainly feels inadequate right now. What we need is something deeply grounding.

To find ourselves securely anchored yet be able to respond to the moment, to flex and be agile at the same time.

Instead of setting our goals then, let’s explore our values and a values based set of intentions for 2021.


Values underpin and ground us.

Even if we don’t fully understand what those are, we still experience them in the anger we feel when those values get trodden on.

We feel it in the lack of hope and sadness when we can’t see a way forwards for ourselves, uncertain as to what will truly make our lives happy and satisfied.

As change makers, we can be so focused on making the world a better, greener, more equitable  place that we can forget to really consider our needs as well.

When we are clear on what those values are and how we wish to experience them, we are resolute, we are clear.

We can see opportunities and possibilities.

We trust our decision making , we know what is aligned to our purpose and what is not.

So join me, Rhian Sherrington, founder of the Women in Sustainability Network in this group coaching session where you will:

  • Identify your strongest held values, those deep rooted principles that guide your life.
  • Understand how you desire to experience  those values in your day to day.
  • Create a clear values-based set of intentions on how you want to BE in 2021 and the actions you need to take to make that happen.


Rhian Sherrington, Founder
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