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27th May 2021 @ 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm BST

WINS Aberdeen – Communication Workshop

Maximize Your Impact With Assertive Communication

In this latest WINS Aberdeen event, a workshop on how to maximise your impact with assertive communication would be delivered by Dr. Paulette Dale, an internationally known speaker and consultant in the area of assertive communication for women.

  • Do you hesitate to speak up when you or others are treated unfairly?
  • Do you start your sentences with unnecessary disclaimers?
  • Are you reluctant to ask a person to pay money owed to you?
  • Do you hesitate to remind someone to return a possession borrowed from you?
  • Do you remain silent if someone cuts in front of you?
  • Do you frequently say YES when you want to say NO to inconvenient requests?
  • Do you remain silent when someone insults you or puts you down?
  • Do you avoid expressing your opinions in a group when you know others are likely to disagree with you?

The above questions include some of the 20 questions inspired by the Assertive inventory in your perfect right by Robert Alberti and Michael Emmons.

One Yes to any of the above questions is one Yes too many!

Assertiveness depends on the situation and the individual involved.  Research shows that no one is assertive all the time or with all people. Even extremely confident women find themselves reluctant to speak up with certain individuals.  This workshop would focus on practical steps needed to develop the skills required using Paulette’s latest book “Did you say something, Susan?: How any woman can gain confidence with assertive communication”.

In the usual Women in Sustainability style, you will connect, learn with and from other women in sustainability.

You will come away with strategies and solutions for implementing changes to maximise impact through assertive communication.

There will be opportunities to meet and network with other like-minded women.

If this sounds useful then do join us!

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