Yn dod yn fuan! / Coming soon!

Rydym mor gyffrous i gyhoeddi bod y Rhwydwaith Women in Sustainability yn dod i Gymru!

Dan arweiniad Tanya Nash (darllenwch fwy am Tanya yn ei phroffil isod), rydym yn bwriadu sefydlu Hyb WINS Caerdydd a De-ddwyrain Cymru, gyda’n digwyddiad cyntaf yn cael ei gynnal ddiwedd y gwanwyn/dechrau’r haf eleni.

Os gallwch gynnig unrhyw gymorth, cynnal digwyddiad Hyb WINS Caerdydd a De-ddwyrain Cymru neu os ydych eisiau gwybod mwy, cysylltwch â Tanya ar ei chyfeiriad e-bost isod.

Gallwch hefyd gofrestru i dderbyn ein e-gylchlythyr wythnosol – ‘Newyddion Rhwydwaith WINS’ i gael yr wybodaeth ddiweddaraf am ein gweithgareddau Rhwydwaith ehangach, yn ogystal â digwyddiadau Hyb WINS Caerdydd a De-ddwyrain Cymru.

Cliciwch yma i danysgrifio.

Edrychwn ymlaen at eich gweld mewn digwyddiad Hyb WINS Caerdydd a De-ddwyrain Cymru yn fuan!


We are so excited to announce that the Women in Sustainability Network is coming to Wales!

Led by Tanya Nash (read more about Tanya in her profile below), we’re looking to set up a WINS Cardiff and South East Wales Hub, with our first event happening in late spring/ early summer this year.

If you can offer any support, host a WINS Cardiff & SE Wales Hub event or simply want to know more, do get in touch with Tanya on her email address below.

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We look forward to seeing you at a WINS Cardiff & SE Wales Hub event soon!


Hub Lead

Tanya Nash, MSc

Tanya is a Welsh-based professional sustainability coach and facilitator, with nearly 30-years’ experience working with leaders in public and community service.

She has a deep, applied understanding of the political and social context for the well-being of future generations and sustainable development in Wales.

Tanya’s work in the equality sector reinforced her belief and passion to incorporate feminine and nature-based approaches in leadership and organisational development, as the foundation for tackling social and ecological injustice.

Now established as a free-lance coach and consultant, Tanya helps people embed sustainability as the central organising principle for themselves and their organisations. She helps people navigate the complex socio-ecological issues that can seem so overwhelming, supporting change towards a more sustainable future.

In her free time, Tanya is an enthusiastic supporter of local community energy companies and community-based agriculture schemes based in Swansea and Gower.  She can often be found running after conservation-grazing cows on to improve biodiversity on the Gower commons, or swimming in the sea.