This has been fantastic! So many thought provoking conversations!

Hold your hats – we’re coming to Edinburgh!

Our WINS  fabulous community in Edinburgh has been asking for a Hub to get established in the city for some time now, but it has taken a little while for the right person to step forward to take on the Hub Lead role.

Dr Sue Mitchell, author of ‘The Authority’s Guide to Engaging Your People’, highly regarded Executive Coach, Facilitator and Speaker is that person and we are very excited to have her join our inner team of Hub Leads.

Our launch event is on Wednesday 18th September, central Edinburgh venue host to be confirmed soon. Find out more  – click on the tickets box above.

We can’t wait to meet you!

Hub Lead

Dr Sue Mitchell, WINS Edinburgh Hub Lead

Dr Sue Mitchell, MAC, MPSA

Sue is the author of “The Authority Guide to Engaging your People”, Director of Aeona, an award-winning leadership and executive coaching company and an international speaker. She works with private clients and organisations to change lives, transform the workplace and harness the power of purpose to influence change, create an environment where everyone can excel and make our world a better place.  Sue inspires people and organisations to achieve high performance and their desired results through developing a positive mindset and culture that raises confidence, resilience, engagement, wellbeing and fulfilment.

Sue has a passion for supporting women to flourish and take on more senior roles, particularly in male dominated industries.  Sue believes very strongly in equality for all, and recognises that while creating gender equality requires both men and women to take action, there is also great value in providing women-only events that elicit a different style of connection and conversations around shared experiences that inspire the desire, courage and capability for women to step up another level. Sue previously organised thought-leadership conversation events in Edinburgh for four years and organises open events on career development and confidence for professional women, as well as 121 coaching and delivering masterclasses and leadership events in-house for organisations.

Sue is delighted to set up the WinS Edinburgh Hub because the focus on sustainability aligns her past work and interests in the environment and conservation with her current work supporting people to create great places to work and make sustainable decisions and actions that are great for people, great for the planet and great for prosperity.  Sue’s company name, Aeona, derives from the Greek work Aeon, and reflects her purpose to support people to make sustainable decisions and changes that are good for the long term.

Dr S E Mitchell

Executive Coach, MAC  MPSA

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