Women in Sustainability Glasgow has a new Hub Lead!

Building on the fantastic work by Katy Murdoch in establishing our WINS Glasgow community last year, we’re delighted to announce that purpose-led marketing expert, Kirsty Innes, has stepped up to take on the role after Katy re-located to Ireland in June.

Kirsty is now planning her first Online Event for the Glasgow WINS community and information will be out soon.

If you’d like to help in anyway, whether your organisation or business would like to sponsor an event, volunteer support, have some ideas for a theme or speaker, or just join the mailing list,  do get in touch with Kirsty (details below).

Hub Lead

Kirsty Innes

Kirsty has 25 years’ marketing experience, 8 of these running her own marketing consultancy. She hit a point, even with the great work and proud successes of her past, where she realised that too much marketing is meaningless – veneer and gloss. Working through her own process to connect with her core values she realised she could use her skills, experiences and value to advance the ‘doing well by doing good’ agenda.

Kirsty loves steering companies with a clear purpose and set of values through the early stages of strategic thinking and on into defining and creating their brand.

Kirsty lives in beautiful Ayrshire with her partner and fur babies Bonnie and Kiri.

You can find out more in our interview with Kirsty here.