Walking Your Soul Home – Online Workshop

Join us for a transformative masterclass to discover the well-being benefits of working with nature. This Women in Sustainability online event is designed especially for professional women who work in sustainability, seeking to understand how aligning their work and life with nature and nature's cycles can bring clarity and peace of mind. As we all juggle... View Article

Mental Resilience for a Changing Climate: Online Webinar

How is climate change impacting our mental health? What do we, as professionals working on the solutions and adaptations, need to understand in order to nurture our mental resilience and support others around us? This Women in Sustainability workshop is designed especially for professional women who work in sustainability, who are interested in equipping themselves... View Article

Peer Mentoring Session

This is our monthly session for all our fabulous WINS Members where members can access a supportive sounding board for any challenge, issue or dilemma they'd like to share with our wonderful like-minded sustainability professionals here in the WINS Membership community. If you’d like to join us, why not sign up for our ’30 days for... View Article

Embedding Sustainability with People Power – Online Workshop

We all know that we need employees engaged in sustainability to achieve goals and this webinar will discuss ways to gain the HR department support, how to work collaboratively to integrate ESG initiatives, how to link outcomes with people objectives. So, if you're working to make your organisation 'greener', deliver it's ESG strategy or you're... View Article

WINS Xmas Party

Back by popular demand, we're hosting our online Xmas Party! A chance to meet other fabulous women from across the Women in Sustainability Network from the comfort of your own sofa. Join us with a cocktail, mocktail or cup of tea in hand!   We'll be connecting you in small breakout rooms in the usual... View Article

Digital Sustainability

The internet's energy consumption continues to rise exponentially The misconception of the internet as an infinite resource is becoming a significant environmental problem. With the proliferation of internet-connected users and devices and the daily generation of vast amounts of data, there is an urgent need to  tackle our digital carbon footprint, both individually and collectively. For career professionals, understanding... View Article

Group Coaching Session

What do you want to achieve by the end of May 2024? How do you want to 'be' in creating that?   Let's get clear and set ourselves up for an aligned and productive Spring!! This is our special quarterly Group Coaching Session, for all our WINS Members. Every 3 months we gather online for... View Article

Peer Mentoring Session

This is your chance to access the collective wisdom and insights from other like-minded 'women in sustainability' here in our wonderful WINS Membership. Come with an issue or a challenge you're currently working out, or an idea you'd like some 'sounding board' advice on. This is YOUR opportunity to voice your ideas and thoughts in... View Article

Careers Circle

This is our monthly session for our Careers Circle, our special online gathering for all our WINS Members who are career professionals. Each month we gather to explore a key challenge or interest area suggested by the members.   If you'd like to join us, why not sign up for our '30 days for £1'... View Article

The Power of the Menstrual Cycle

In this special two-hour workshop you will learn how menstrual cycle awareness can be transformational both personally and professionally - and why this is important. So many businesses have robust mental health practices but it seems that very few, in any industry, incorporate menstrual health. We will discuss how, as women in business, we can use this... View Article


WINS Café Bristol

Come and enjoy a fabulous start to your Thursday with other talented, like-minded women working across the sustainability sector. We gather together women, and those identifying as women, together, for a boost of inspiration, practical help and real connection, kindly supported by our host, Clockwise Bristol. If your work focuses in some way on delivering the... View Article

WINS Café Swansea

We're delighted to announce that our first WINS Café Swansea will be hosted by The Environment Centre, Swansea just before the start of Great Big Green Week! Enjoy a fabulous start to your Wednesday with other talented, like-minded women working across the sustainability sector in Swansea. You can expect a lightly facilitated space, offering a... View Article