New Aberdeen hub lead: Lola Okunrinboye MSc

Please join us in welcoming the new Women in Sustainability Network Hub Lead for Aberdeen; Lola Okunrinboye MSc! She is the Environmental Manager for Dragados UK & Ireland and we’re delighted to have Lola join us. To introduce her properly, we thought we’d ask a few questions about her career and views on women in sustainability. Read on to find out a bit more about Lola…


1.     As a changemaker within your industry, tell us a bit more about your background?

During my final year at the University of Sheffield studying Chemical and Process Engineering, I completed a module in Environmental Management and that increased my interest in the subject, and sustainability in general, and I have been hooked since then. I have worked as an environmental professional for over a decade in various industries as a result of my passion for protecting the environment.

2.    Why lead a WINS Hub in Aberdeen?

I have worked as an environmentalist all through my career and always felt the void within sustainability for networking in Aberdeen. There are a variety of network groups in Aberdeen but none with a sustainability focus.  When I did my research and found WINS in England but none in Scotland, that was when I made further enquiries to start a Hub in Aberdeen.

3.    What is the biggest challenge you see ‘women in sustainability’ struggling with? What are your insights on the best solutions to this?

‘Women in sustainability’ share a lot in common with most women. These challenges include impostor syndrome, confidence, ability to say NO, comparisons, unhealthy competitions, work-life balance, and leadership skills. I believe that women have the ability to achieve all their dreams and make more impact than they are currently making. This can be achieved by collectively working to achieve gender parity and foster inclusiveness. Women have ideas and possess the leadership skills to overcome these challenges.

4.    What keeps you motivated and positive when things get tough?

My family and My Vision keeps me motivated. The fact that every small step I intentionally make takes me closer to achieving my goals keeps me positive.

5.    Why should women working to create positive change attend the WINS Network Hub in Aberdeen?

Because they will have meaningful conversations, meet with like-minded women, explore common issues and leave feeling inspired, energised and purposeful.


The first ever WINS Network event is on Monday 3rd June, tickets are still available and you can get yours by clicking here: