April 6, 2020

WINS@Home: Online Event

Stuff Covid-19 -Let's Get Connected!

Stuff Covid-19 – Let’s Connect!

We might not be able to meet up with each other face to face right now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t stop connecting!  Join WINS Founder Rhian Sherrington for the first (if this works!) ‘WINS@Home’ online event!

After surveying our community, we can see that many of you are looking to replace the networking and connection you are now missing as we settle into home working and staying at home.

For these WINS@Home online events, the focus will be on curating you into small groups where you’ll be able to engage in meaningful conversations with each other. If this first event works well, we’ll then be focusing on the conversation on specific topics and groups YOU want to see.

So, fancy giving this a whirl? Stuff Covid-19, Lets Get Connected!