No time to do it all? Feeling a bit isolated and in need of support?
Join our learning community for motivated, purpose-led female change-makers seeking to maximise the difference and impact they make.

Enjoy being a part of a trusted and supportive network who are..

A powerful, re-balancing feminine force doing good, creating positive change for a greener, happier, healthier world.

We’re bringing the best from our Network Hubs and making it accessible to you, wherever you are.

Why Join Us?

We know how vital it is for the future of our planet to have YOU, thriving in the work that you do.

But championing and driving change can be exhausting.

Facing up to the realities of climate change and the full scope of what we need to do is both challenging and frightening.

We all need to nurture our emotional support network just as much as our professional one.

Being a part of this shared online community will help you:

  • Learn new tools, tactics and strategies that transform your effectiveness as well as your ability to create balance;
  • Grow your connections and expand your professional network in meaningful and valuable ways;
  • Enhance your leadership style, deepening real trust in yourself, in your strengths and abilities;
  • Build your confidence and self belief, creating new behaviours and habits that support, not reduce, your passion and purpose; and
  • Know how to nurture your vision, clarity and focus so you mange your time and energy just how you want to.

Key Features


Monthly training to amplify impact

We’re condensing the knowledge and expertise shared in our WINS Hub events to bring you monthly masterclasses of vital learning.

Each month brings a new topic and guest expert, with training videos, workbooks and easy to follow, actionable steps.

Help and resources

Find what you need from our six categories of learning support.

Work through at your own pace, in your own time.

Monthly live sessions

Enjoy direct access to our guest expert in our live sessions on topics of real value to you.

And if you can’t make it live, all sessions are recorded to download and access in your own time.

Members directory

Showcase what you’re interested in and what you do in our community area.

Find and connect with others for new insights, support and advice.

On top of all of that, we’ll be curating a private Facebook Group just for WINS Online Hub members.

This will allow us to share even more content and value from our speakers at our live Hub events, strengthening the connections you’re building and ensure lots of vibrant discussion across this community.

Subscribe Now & Enjoy 50% Discount

Subscribe now and be a ‘Pioneer’

(Limited Space)

You’ll be part of a very special, ‘inner’ group, helping us build this community, test and perfect the platform. You’ll be able to influence what masterclass packages we develop over the next 12 months, as well as shape the membership profile area.

And to say thank you for joining us at the very start of this exciting journey, we guarantee that your subscription will be ‘locked in’ at this incredible rate of only £59 per year for as many years as you wish to stay with us!

This unique offer closes at the end of July – don’t miss out!

(Standard subscription rate when we launch later this year with be £119 per year. Full T&Cs when you click through to subscribe)

We kick off on 1st July with our first Masterclass on ‘Managing Overwhelm’ with our guest expert Thalia Carr.

Our ‘Live Session’ is on 17th July, 12 noon (register once you’ve signed up).

After that we’ll be covering….

  • 1st August – ‘ The Essential Art of Negotiation’
  • 1st September – ‘How to Create Clarity & Focus’

After that we have all sorts of experts from leadership, business, mindfulness and well-being ready to support you. And as a pioneer, you can help us design exactly what you need.

We’d love you join this fabulous WINS Online Hub community.

Click through and sign up, and I look forward to seeing you over on the other side!

Warmest wishes


Rhian Sherrington, Founder, Women in Sustainability Network