Facing uncertainty? Feeling frustrated or isolated? Want to feel you can still make a difference?
Belong to this powerful community of liked-minded women to access the expertise, support & meaningful connections you need right now.

We’re curating the best possible experts, bringing invaluable knowledge & insights from across our network, and helping you, wherever you are, feel fully part of this fabulous, powerful community.

Why Join Us?

We know how vital it is for the future of our planet to have YOU, thriving in the work that you do.

But championing and driving change can be exhausting, especially right now as we try to feel our way through the Covid-19 global pandemic, call for a green recovery plan and step up the pace to tackle our climate and ecological emergencies.

Can we still be effective when the world is tackling such crisis? Yes we can – but having a community of like-minded, purpose driven women around will make that feel so much easier.

Even before the pandemic, facing up to the realities of climate change and the full scope of what we need to do was, and remains, both challenging and frightening.

We all need to nurture our emotional support network just as much as our professional one, even more so right now.

Being a part of this shared online community will help you:

  • Learn new tools, tactics and strategies that transform your effectiveness as well as your ability to create balance;
  • Grow your connections and expand your professional network in meaningful and valuable ways, even through on-going local lock downs and working from home directives;
  • Enhance your leadership style, deepening real trust in yourself, in your strengths and abilities;
  • Build your confidence and self belief, creating new behaviours and habits that support, not reduce, your passion and purpose; and
  • Know how to nurture your vision, clarity and focus so you mange your time and energy just how you want to.

WINS has become my one-stop shop for professional development and network building, as well as to access general support from a generous and engaged community of women. Jenna Holliday, Gender & Migration Specialist | Director, Catalyse Change CIC

Key Features


Monthly training to amplify impact

We’re condensing the knowledge and expertise shared in our WINS Hub events to bring you monthly masterclasses of vital learning.

Each month brings a new topic and guest expert, with training videos, workbooks and easy to follow, actionable steps.

Help and resources

Find what you need from our six categories of learning support.

Work through at your own pace, in your own time.

Monthly live sessions

Enjoy direct access to our guest expert in our live sessions on topics of real value to you.

And if you can’t make it live, all sessions are recorded to download and access in your own time.

Members directory

Showcase what you’re interested in and what you do in our community area.

Find and connect with others for new insights, support and advice.

The WINS masterclasses are on-point and provide the insight and skills needed to tackle the most pressing challenges I am experiencing in my work. Being part of the community and attending the masterclasses provides me with a sense of solidarity and empowerment, and the knowledge that everything I need to achieve my goals and improve my well-being is actually at my fingertips. Lisa Bunclark, Lima, Peru

On top of all of that,  you can meet up with other members in live sessions TWICE a month!

Our ‘Peer Mentoring‘ Zoom meetings, bring you together to access meaningful conversations with like-minded women looking to support each other.

Then our monthly ‘Live Sessions’ provide deeper access to each month’s Guest Expert.

So let us help you by providing a space where you can access essential support from each other,  as well as valuable tools, strategies and information and lots of vibrant discussion all within our wonderful learning community

Be the first to know when we re-open our membership in early 2021.

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When you sign up, you’ll be able to access the following Masterclasses and their recorded Live Sessions, which in themselves represent over 20 hours and +£3,500 in training resources

  • The Essential Art of Negotiation – with Jenna Holiday & Rhian Sherrington
  • The Yin & Yang Dynamic – with Clare Russell, circle holder, woman’s coach & inclusive cultures consultant.
  • Mastering Overwhelm – with Thalia Carr, coach & WINS Oxford Hub Lead
  • Thriving with Self-Compassion – with Sarah King, founder, Loafspark
  • Resilience for Your Sustainability Journey, with psychologist, ICF accredited coach, Sarah Flynn,
  • How to be a Social Entrepreneur, with Traci Lewis, social entrepreneur expert & WINS Bristol Hub Lead
  • How to Restore & Nurture Authentic Confidence, with WINS Network founder and coach, Rhian Sherrington
  • How to BE a Female Change Maker – a panel discussion with 4 brilliant ‘women in sustainability’, facilitated by Rhian Sherrington
  • Wrap Up 2020! – a group coaching session guiding you through a powerful set of exercises to tap into your learning from a challenging year.


Other topics coming up in 2021 include:

  • Hello 2021! – a group coaching session focused on setting values-based intentions
  • How to Find Clients in Challenging Times, with Sian Conway, Ethical Hour
  • Learning With Nature, with Nicki Davey, Saltbox Training
  • Speak Like A Leader, with Jo Darby, Voice in the Room


Then we want to hear from you! What do YOU want to see offered here throughout 2021?  Whilst we’ve got lots of ideas, you’ll be invited to share your hot topics you’d like to see us cover.


We’d love you join this fabulous WINS Members Hub community when we re-open in 2021.


Warmest wishes


Rhian Sherrington, Founder, Women in Sustainability Network