Dealing with a lot of uncertainty and change?
Keen to make a difference but with less self-doubt and more confidence and impact?
Belong to this powerful collective of liked-minded women changing the world for good!

We’re curating the best possible experts, bringing invaluable knowledge & insights from across our network, and helping you, wherever you are, feel fully part of this fabulous, powerful community.

The Masterclasses alone are worth the annual fee – a great balance of work and personal support.

Jen Emerton

I’m very new to the network, but I really enjoy the events I’ve taken part in so far, and every time I have the opportunity to chat to the others in the network it confirms that this is exactly the right network for me to be part of.

Kate Turner

I love attending the mentioning calls. Each month it is a great place to come together with like minded women for support, guidance and a place to feel at ease, comforted and supported. The WINS community is a place where you can connect and feel valued. You don’t even have to have an issue or problem, it is as much about supporting others as seeking support.

Claire Victoria Bishop

The peer mentoring calls are an opportunity to have a real open conversation with other women who are prepared to share and listen. There's also a depth that is often missing in other online encounters.

Thalia Carr

The WINS Digital Community is a great resource. Thanks for setting it up.

Louise Whitaker

WINS has become my one-stop shop for professional development and network building, as well as to access general support from a generous and engaged community of women.

Jenna Holliday

Why Join Us?

We know how vital it is for the future of our planet to have YOU, thriving in the work that you do.

But championing and driving change can be exhausting, especially right now as we step up the pace to tackle our climate and ecological emergencies alongside coping with the ongoing Covid19 pandemic. We know how isolating this work can be, especially if you work for yourself, work from home or are in the minority, trying to influence and create change.   

If you’re a team of one or if there’s no-one you can readily turn to for impartial and sound advice, it’s easy to question your effectiveness, lose motivation and overwhelm can creep in.

Leadership can often be lonely path, but it doesn’t have to be!

Having easy access to a passionate, liked-minded group of women who ‘get’ want you are trying to do, gives you a powerful emotional support and professional network. And as women, we thrive when we have such group encouraging us.

Belong to this online community of like-minded change makers and:

  • Build your confidence, competence and self belief, creating new behaviours and habits that amplifies your impact.
  • Learn new tools, tactics and strategies that transform your effectiveness, as well as supports your well being.
  • Grow your connections, find new friends and expand your professional network in meaningful and valuable ways.
  • Enhance your leadership style, deepening real trust in yourself, in your strengths and decision making abilities; and
  • Nurture your vision and make it easier to get the clarity and focus so essential to managing your time and energy effectively.
  • Be that leader you know yourself to be.
"As a WINS Digital Community member I really enjoy the variety of masterclasses, mentoring and networking opportunities that the membership provides. It's a great way to enhance key skills and get support within a group of like-minded sustainability professionals. I have really enjoyed and benefited from the peer mentoring sessions to provide and receive support on issues but also to expand my professional network."
— Claudia Dommett-Noehren

Key Features

Discounted entry to WINS Hub Events

Enjoy 30% discount to all WINS Hub events when you book using our members only coupon code.

Monthly training to amplify impact

We’re condensing the knowledge and expertise shared in our WINS Hub events to bring you monthly masterclasses of vital learning.

Each month brings a new topic and guest expert, with training videos, workbooks and easy to follow, actionable steps.

On demand resources

Access over 30 hours of ‘on demand’ resources to work through in your own time, at your own pace. These excellent training packages, valued at over £3,500 so far, gives you quality CPD at your fingertips.

Monthly live sessions

Enjoy direct access to our guest expert in our live sessions on topics of real value to you.

And if you can’t make it live, all sessions are recorded to download and access in your own time.

Peer mentoring calls

These monthly calls give you access to a very supportive sounding board for any situations or challenges you might be facing. It’s your time to ask for advice and ideas; to be supported and inspired by the amazing collective wisdom and experience of this fabulous community!

Members directory

Showcase what you’re interested in and what you do in our community area.

Find and connect with others for new insights, support and advice.

Quarterly group coaching

Enjoy being coached to get clarity on where to focus your energy and attention for the coming months, ensuring you prioritize effectively whilst maintaining a sense of balance and well being.

As with all our calls, recordings will be uploaded into the Masterclass area after the event, but attending live ensures you maximise your chance for personal support.

"The WINS masterclasses are on-point and provide the insight and skills needed to tackle the most pressing challenges I am experiencing in my work. Being part of the community and attending the masterclasses provides me with a sense of solidarity and empowerment, and the knowledge that everything I need to achieve my goals and improve my well-being is actually at my fingertips."
Lisa Bunclark
"Great masterclass topics with thought provoking speakers.  Peer mentoring calls are always welcoming and engaging.  The WINS Digital Community is a wonderful space to connect with other like-minded women, to be encouraged in my sustainability journey."
Susanne Bearblock

Thank you for your interest in joining the WINS Membership Community

We are now closed to new members but join our wait list here and be the first to know where doors re-open.

When you sign up, some of the ‘on demand resources’, representing over 30 hours and +£3,500 in high quality training, you’ll be able to instantly access include: 

  • The Essential Art of Negotiation – with Jenna Holiday & Rhian Sherrington
  • The Yin & Yang Dynamic – with Clare Russell, circle holder, woman’s coach & inclusive cultures consultant.
  • Mastering Overwhelm – with Thalia Carr, coach & WINS Oxford Hub Lead
  • Thriving with Self-Compassion – with Sarah King, founder, Loafspark
  • Resilience for Your Sustainability Journey, with psychologist, ICF accredited coach, Sarah Flynn,
  • How to be a Social Entrepreneur, with Traci Lewis, social entrepreneur expert & WINS Bristol Hub Lead
  • How to Restore & Nurture Authentic Confidence, with WINS Network founder and coach, Rhian Sherrington
  • Wrap Up 2020 – a review and goal mapping session
  • How to Find Clients in Challenging Times, Sian Conway, founder of Ethical Hour & Marketing Strategist
  • Learning With Nature, with Nicky Davey, Saltbox Training & Events

We’d love you join this fabulous WINS Digital community.

Click through and sign up, and I look forward to seeing you over on the other side!

Warmest wishes


Rhian Sherrington, Founder, Women in Sustainability Network