The network for professional female change makers seeking to maximise their impact

We know how vital women’s fullest contribution is to creating an equitable, low carbon society. However the juggling required, often in cultures that are still not delivering on gender equality, can be challenging.

Through enabling women, who share a common vision for the future, to connect with each other, we aim to grow their capacity, energy and leadership, to ‘be’ the change they want to see.

“WINS events provide a fantastic opportunity to make connections with like-minded women, to be inspired and to learn with and from each other” Jane Coles, Strategic Development Team Manager, Forestry Commission

Our beginnings

Women in Sustainability arose from the realisation of how powerful women can be when they come together around a common purpose and shared values base. The Network was founded therefore to help female change makers access a powerful peer community.

Founder Rhian Sherrington experienced first hand just how hard progressing career ambitions, alongside motherhood, could be. After retraining to become an Executive and Career Coach, she became deeply aware of the common struggles and issues her female clients working across the environmental sector were experiencing. At the same time, being new to running her own business, she entered the world of women-only business networking.

Being immersed in such a supportive and trusted environment made her question how much more she might have achieved in her previous roles, if something similar had been made available to her then. When 80 women turned up to an invitation to explore the idea of a network, Rhian started running coaching led events in Bristol. Word spread that here was a different way to connect and learn with other values-led women, and the Women in Sustainability Network was born.

In addition to Bristol, Women in Sustainability (WINS) Network Hubs are now established across the UK in London, Oxford, Manchester, Newcastle, Stoke on Trent & Staffs, Hertfordshire, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen. We are also in Germany – WINS Frankfurt  – and in U.S.A – WINS New York City.

It’s great to have the space to listen to women talk about being passionate and driven. It has inspired me to tap into those passions’ Mathilde Braddock

How it works

Creating a financially viable and sustainable business base to the network has always been essential to Rhian’s vision of a global learning community of women. We are very grateful to all our host organisations and sponsors who support the network. This enables us to keep ticket prices down and often introduces inspirational women, with fascinating career stories to share, to the network.

Organising networking and learning opportunities requires considerable time and effort for those involved, which is why Women in Sustainability Network Hubs run ticketed events and operate under a licence business basis. This ensures those leading the Network Hubs can be sufficiently rewarded for the expertise and skill they bring to facilitating a local Women in Sustainability Hub.

We are delighted to be growing a team of talented women who share our vision and values and who want to bring their coaching / facilitation / training skills to the network.

If you’re interested in joining them, do get in touch to find out how.

“WINS has gathered together women with a wealth of stories who also have a refreshingly open, honest and supportive approach”. Emma Peddie, Sustainable Production Adviser, BBC


Rhian Sherrington has environmental values written through her like a stick of rock. While her MSc in Environmental Management at the University of Stirling following her Geography Degree at Oxford University didn’t lead to the anticipated consultancy career, it did start her on a path where caring for the planet has been at the heart of her career choices.

This has included teaching field studies on the Isle of Arran, running a conservation expeditions company for young people (building on her earlier experience of similar expeditions to Pakistan and Greenland), leading behaviour change programmes in schools, workplaces and communities across the UK, and two years advising Government on sustainable school travel.

Rhian has always been fascinated by what enables people to make choices that boost their well-being and benefit the planet. This ultimately led her to retrain as an Executive & Career Coach. She set up her own coaching and training company in 2012.

She is the author of two books, award-winning ‘Alchemy for the Mind: Create Your Confident Core’, and Amazon No.1 best-seller  ‘Choose to Flourish: How to Change Career and Thrive in Life’.  An international speaker, Rhian enjoys sharing the insights and learning gained from enabling women to flourish in their environmental careers.