We love bringing together women who share common values that include making a difference, treading lightly on this planet, being authentic and leading change. Those are our drivers too. Our values steer both how we roll as a business but also how we operate as a network, our local events programme and the WINS Membership.

Show who we are

  • We share our real thoughts, dilemmas and struggles;
  • We ask questions to spark real conversations;
  • We are warm and approachable and make doing good fun and energising.


Build resilience

  • We support and nurture the whole person;
  • We invite new perspectives to improve our adaptability;
  • We seek feedback and encourage new ways to expand our skills.


Inspire action

  • We seek out and share both the exciting and everyday stories and apply what we’ve learned to benefit others;
  • We are courageous and bold, empowering individuals to challenge the status quo;
  • We take a positive and realistic approach to always seek solutions.


Work together

  • We give space and time for everyone to contribute;
  • We foster a spirit of collaboration on and off line;
  • We enjoy working in partnership in mutually benefiting ways.