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February 28 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm GMT

Digital Sustainability

How to transform your digital carbon footprint

The internet’s energy consumption continues to rise exponentially

The misconception of the internet as an infinite resource is becoming a significant environmental problem.

With the proliferation of internet-connected users and devices and the daily generation of vast amounts of data, there is an urgent need to  tackle our digital carbon footprint, both individually and collectively.

For career professionals, understanding of digital sustainability as a crucial part of a broader sustainability strategy is becoming increasingly important.

With the ever-evolving industry standards, we still have time to be one of the early adopters of digital sustainability before it becomes a legal requirement. Failure to address digital sustainability could result in becoming obsolete in industries increasingly prioritising environmental responsibility.

For business owners, the consequences are equally significant.

Ignoring digital sustainability could lead to increased operational costs, loss of customers who prioritise eco-conscious businesses and reputational damage in an age where corporate social responsibility is of vital importance.


Join us for a packed, informative hour for this Women in Sustainability workshop with our fabulous guest expert Marketa Benisek, Digital Sustainable Lead, Wholegrain Digital and Climate Reality Leader.

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Rhian Sherrington, Founder
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